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Testimonials for Tom Rasberry

Rasberry's Pest Professionals formerly Budget Pest Control


I had my first service with your company yesterday morning. I am always nervous when a stranger comes into my home. I have also not had good experiences with past pest control companies.

I was surprised to meet a very nice man, Levi. He was polite, caring and professional. I have four dogs and was concerned about how I was going to keep them out of the way. He had a plan that worked perfectly. I was concerned about the spray due to one of my dogs being a floor licker. He put my fears at ease. He answered my questions in terms that I understood. No using huge terms or airs to prove he knew things and impress me. He was careful and conscience of all my item inside my home. Levi was completed his work inside and out in no time and did a wonderful job.

I wish I would have found your company years ago. I would have saved a lot of money and time. I am looking forward to our relationship for years to come. Thanks again

Niki R. - September 2013


I would like to provide some positive feedback for Landon, the technician who treated my property on August 2. As always Landon arrived at the specified time and provided professional service, but in this case he went above-and-beyond normal customer service. While treating my backyard, Landon noticed that my swimming pool level was very low, and that it sounded like my pool pump was running air rather than water. In fact my pool filter had developed a major leak, so the water had dropped below the skimmer level, and the pump was running air, a situation that could quickly cause the pump to burn out its motor. Landon called me to notify me of the situation, and turned off the pool system, likely saving me $400-$500 in replacement costs. As you know, I am already a long-time customer of Rasberry's Pest Professionals, and obviously service like this will maintain that relationship. My thanks again to Landon.

Tom E. - August 2013


I am very grateful for the education, advice, and service you provided in relation to those darn ants. Everyone at Rasberry's Pest Professionals with whom I have interacted has demonstrated professionalism, kindness, and common sense.

Carla I.

Mr. Rasberry:

I greatly apologize for taking so long in getting back to you.

I had the local agent apply the recommended chemicals as you advised over our telephone call. Within two days, my wife was sweeping up a huge pile of ants near the french doors leading out onto the deck of our house. They almost filled the dust pan.

There was a persistent colony of ants in the kitchen area that refused to die out. We call the technician back a couple of times. The last time, he used some type of residual spray along two of their main trails. While tracking the ants, he found they had a rather large nest where a vertical stand for a lazy susan fastened to the upper side of the kitchen cabinet. Upon spraying this area, dozens of ants fell out.

After completing this task, we have seen one ant and it was walking around like a drunken sailor before it keeled over. That was about two days after the last visit by the technician.

He was amazed at your recommendation to break the granules into smaller pieces as they had been advised to simply spread them as received. You now have a believer in the local Orkin franchise holder.

Personally, my wife and I would like to thank you very much for helping us rid our home of these little black monsters.

Please feel free to use my name and this email in any future reference you may wish.


Willard F. - Cornelia, GA

Hi Mr. Rasberry,

We are writing to let you know how Leah and Mary did with their “Crazy Rasberry Ants” Social Studies project at the Regional level. They placed 1st in their category and are now moving on to the state competition! They are so excited! We will keep in touch and may even have a few more questions for you as the competition gets nearer. The state fair is going to be on Monday, April 26th, in Lake Charles, LA. As soon as I get the pictures onto my computer, we will be sure to send them to you. Thanks again for all your help!

Dawn C.